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All Roblox Arsenal Codes (May 2021)

All Roblox Arsenal Codes (May 2021)

If any of the below codes doesn't work,

let us know in the comments so that we can remove it !!!

Codes (Working)

  1. POG- Redeem for 1,200 Bucks

  2. Bandites- Redeem code for Bandites voice announcer

  3. EPRIKA- Redeem code for Epik Rika voice announcer

  4. FLAMINGO- Redeem code for Flamingo voice announcer

  5. JOHN- Redeem code for John Roblox voice announcer

  6. KITTEN- Redeem code for Koneko kitten voice announcer

  7. ANNA- Redeem code for Anna Skin (Arsenal x Adopt me Crossover)

  8. F00LISH- Redeem code for Jackeryz character

  9. CBROX- Redeem code for Phoenix character

  10. POKE- Redeem code for Poke character

  11. PET- Redeem code for PetrifyTY voice announcer

  12. BLOXY- Redeem code for Bucks

Codes (Expired)

  1. CharityACT5k- Redeem code for ACT deliquent character

  2. CastlersUnusual100k- Redeem code for Ace Pilot Unusual character

  3. unusualbias- Redeem code for Suspicous Stranger character

Where to REDEEM these codes In Arsenal ?

All you have to do is click the Twitter icon at the bottom left corner,

there will be a blank text box where you can enter these codes,.

and then hit the redeem button, and enjoy the awesome items!

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