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I Need YOUR Help! (Crown Of O's)

I Need YOUR Help! (Crown Of O's)

Hey Viewers!

Roblox started this dev event called (Crown of O's)

where they give out crowns to devs with specific MAU (Monthly Active Users)

And I really need your help for getting the Gold Crown (100+ MAU) please help me out.

Create Alts, join my game and help me get 100 visits this month,

and I can add you as Teammates so I can give out these Crowns to you guys!

We are 33 visits right now!

My game( Friends helped me with scripting and other stuff )


Join my discord: discord.io/HarshalPlayzRoblox For others,

Thanks for Watching, hope you guys enjoyed it, Make sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE,

turn on ALL NOTIFICATIONS, COMMENT your suggestions on upcoming Videos.

Do Subscribe and make your subscriptions PUBLIC so that I can give you a

SHOUTOUT: https://bit.ly/3kDdctr And I'm out!

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Join my Discord to chat with me! : discord.io/HarshalPlayzRoblox

Previous Predictions video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8NEM...

Piggy Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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My Website: https://www.harshalsweb.com

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