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Free Kidney Dialysis at Balasahib Gurdwara Hospital, Delhi, India

Free Kidney Dialysis at Balasahib Gurdwara Hospital, Delhi, India

New Delhi: 7th March 2021, is the big day for Indian citizens,

as The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has inaugurated

the biggest Kidney Dialysis center in the capital of the Country.

Free Treatment to Kidney patients and Free food to the Caretaker, and family members

who are the immediate attendant of the admitted patient.

The Guru Harikshan Institute of Medical Science and Research has opened

a kidney dialysis hospital at Balasahib Gurudwara in Delhi.

The supply of eatables and food drinks will be managed by Gurudwara Langar.

Hospital is fully equipped with the latest technically advanced medical facilities at

Zero cost to the patients. The center will be functional 24X7

around the clock with advance medical operation facilities,

as said by DSGMC president Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

Mr. Sirsa also said that the hospital has the capacity to cater to around 500 patients

daily for dialysis and around 100+ patients can avail of the facility at a time.

Registration will get started in a week’s time, till then hospital will provide

their services who walk-in person.

Our Committee is providing various medical facilities at different Gurdwaras across Delhi.

The vision of our committee is to serve needy people`s medical requirements for Free

OR in some cases the critical expensive medical treatments at a Cheap and affordable price.


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